Our dietitians have been working with clients with anorexia for approximately 25 years. Preteens, parents of teens or fifty-something-year-olds, boys and girls, men and women– we work with them all.

We believe that establishing a trusting relationship is of primary importance. We evaluate where you are at, with respect to your goals and perceptions, health status, eating, and activity. Together with you and your relations, we establish realistic goals, which get modified as needed at the follow up visits. We begin with small, manageable changes, to achieve a healthier status, both physicaly and psychologically.

Eating disorders are best managed by a team of qualified practitioners, and we’re happy to refer you to other eating disorder experts in the area. We’ll communicate regularly with the other team members to provide the best outpatient care possible.

We believe that recovery is possible

We utilize a variety of approaches to support recovery, including Family Based Therapy (aka Maudsley), and CBT strategies to help change your thoughts, to correct misinformation which may be an obstacle to eating enough. We’ll justify the need for various nutrients, and point out the consequences–including the symptoms you may be experiencing–of not eating enough. We’ll educate you on exercise and on why it may be unhealthy–in spite of what you may believe.

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