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The entire idea of the retina-ready technology is to give sharper images, and to create something that would look as sharp as it would in print. This is what you will find in the Monstroid WordPress theme. All users, no matter what devices they’re using, will be able to browse your Monstroid-powered site without any lags due to the responsive nature of this theme.

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If you were looking for an ultimate way to control your WordPress-powered site, look no further! The Monstroid 2.0 master template is a one-stop destination for anyone seeking a universal system! Seamless, holistic and intact with its built-in plugins, Monstroid is also incredibly flexible! This is truly the one template that trumps them all in either administering your website’s looks & functionality, strengthening its security or showcasing your blog’s content!

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Amazing Simple Slider

Simplistic, beautiful and fully responsive, this slider will display your imagery perfectly on any device! Its performance is optimized both for browsing from a Smartphone’s screen, a Tablet or a Desktop Retina display! A cherry on the top is a feature that allows you to build-in various Image Gallery types into your blogposts, such as Slides, Portfolio, Team, Services, and Testimonials!


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Look what else is at store for you

Purchasing the Monstroid theme comes with tons of additional perks and bonuses! First thing, each month you will be sent a list of freshly released layouts designs. On top of that, you will be given access to a number of even more advanced, premium plugins that our partners from MotoPress release on a regular basis. Because no matter how feature-rich and functionally-packed our Monstroid theme is, we always strive to add new spicy killer features to it!

Complimenary 10-30 new THEMES/Month
Premium extensions included
Basic or advanced setup



We Offer

Free Updates & Support

We are so confident in the quality of our Monstroid template, that anyone purchasing it will immediately get a set of bonuses! This complimentary offer includes free lifetime updates for any future version of the template, just as well as a courtesy technical support for any technical issue that you might stumble upon!

Photo of green onions


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Binge Eating Disorder

Frustrated by your inability to break out of the binge-eating cycle? Feeling like you know what to do, but somehow just can’t do it without some help? Stuck in a


Frustrated by your inability to break out of the binge-purge cycle? Feeling like you know what to do, but somehow just can’t do it without some help? Stuck in a


Living with cancer? While changing your diet won’t cure it, what and how you eat can improve your energy level and your strength while undergoing cancer treatments. And it allows

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Food Allergies

Most people (or parents of children) with food allergies don’t struggle with knowing what they can’t have. Rather, they are challenged to figure out what they can eat. This is especially true
Professional Blogging

The Monstroid theme is a weapon of choice for any professional blogger, simply due to how customizable its Blog layouts, various post types and
other content-displaying features are!

Visualized Content

With the help of our charts and infographics plugin, any professional blogger will be able to visualize any type of information on the page. It works easy and

Enhanced Navigation

If you own an e-commerce website or simply have an extensive treemap in your navigation menu, worry no more! Our Mega Menu plugin
will display a 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th level menu items perfectly!

Advanced Displaying

We gave a lot of thought as to how can we make your content stand out… The answer came as a multiple-choice set of displaying options, like Grid,
Masonry, Justified and Column Views!

Rank and File

Thanks to our advanced Ranking and Rating plugin, any website that hosts a bunch of pages that can be rated will benefit dramatically! Also,
it has more options for rankings analytics!

Better Services

Besides a variety of other features, we’ve also improved the “Services” category, which is simply critical for a majority of businesses. The new “Services” page layout that
we’re introducing here will get your trustworthiness up and forward!

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When you’re a website owner, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you will run into some kind of a technical issue. That’s especially true in case you’re setting up or tweaking your website… Being aware of that, we decided to deploy a 24/7 technical support team by your side! Our customer care agents are determined to solve any issues you might have! Whether it will be a plugin-related question, that no one else besides us will be able to answer at a midnight hour, a hosting-compatibility issue or anything in between…

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