Sure, a balanced diet is important—we certainly need a range of foods and nutrients to be healthy.

But at Lori Lieberman & Associates, LLC, a balanced person is what we aim to achieve. This requires balancing your physical with your psychological wellbeing. It requires balancing your nutrition needs for one medical condition with the needs of other conditions—without feeling like you’re suffering.

Practical guidance

You’ll get practical guidance on balancing your food with your activity, your cooking and eating with life’s other demands—work, school, raising a family. We’ll show you how to shift away from all or nothing thinking, to reach your health goals. With the few conditions that must be all or nothing—such as celiac disease or food allergies—we add balance by focusing on the range of foods you can include and enjoy.

Our nutritionists balance gentle encouragement with firm support. You’ll look ahead toward your goals while appreciating the progress you are making changing your thoughts and behaviors day by day.

Learning balance... 

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