Important information for Tufts and Cigna/Tufts Patients

Effective March 1, 2023 Lori Lieberman & Associates will no longer be Tufts providers. We regret that after many decades serving Tufts members, Tufts has made it impossible for us to continue by slashing our telehealth rates and denying us fair compensation.

What you can do

If you’d like to receive expert Medical Nutrition Therapy from our practice you can:

> Call Tufts! We have just learned that many smaller companies that have Tufts (<50 person companies to start) as their insurance will be moved over to Harvard Pilgrim at their renewal date. They can tell you more. And we DO still accept Harvard Pilgrim!

> Pay us at time of service for the session and we can provide you with what’s called a “superbill”—a detailed medical receipt for the services provided, for you to submit to Tufts. This will include all the information they require, as described in the link below. If your plan allows for out of network benefits, they will reimburse you for a portion of the session (based on their “usual and customary fees”). You can access online info from the Tufts site to learn if you are covered for out of network services. We will work with you if cost is an issue!

> Submit documents-info from the Tufts website:

> If your plan does not typically cover out of network providers it is worth calling them, particularly if you are seeing us for our expertise for a medical or mental health condition, to see if they might make an exception to benefit.

It is valuable to tell them if you:

> Have had success with us so far (i.e. improved blood sugars, symptoms, eating disorder behaviors)
Have benefited from our location or telehealth services

>Are unable to find a Tufts provider in network that specializes in the issues you are dealing with
Were recommended to us by your doctor or therapist

Please let us know if you have any billing related questions.