Yes, there is a place for cupcakes!

Recovery from entrenched eating disorder

I have been seeing Lori for about a month now. I have been living/functioning with an eating disorder for what feels like most my life. Thoughts of food and body image have flooded my thoughts for years and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am so grateful to have found Lori. For the first time I actually feel that I will be able to overcome these obstacles. Lori is so easy to talk to and be completely honest with. She challenges me each week but isn’t asking me to do anything I can’t handle. I completely trust her in guiding me to a healthier happier me. Thank you Lori Lieberman & Associates!

K. A.
Yes, there is a place for cupcakes!

Improving health, managing weight

All I can say is that choosing Lori Lieberman & Associates was the best decision that I could make in regards to improving my health. I have been working with Margot Healey who is amazing for the last 5 months. The reason being is that as I get older I have found it difficult to loose weight. During each visit she listens to what is going on with my life and with my food diary. Margot provides suggestions to improve both my food choices as well as meal plans. For someone who has never cooked, Margot now has me cooking several healthy meals a week. I can’t thank Margot and her team for the continued support and guidance. They treat you like family and not just a number. Margot reminds me that this is not a diet but a game plan to improve my health one day and one meal at a time.

T. F.
Yes, cupcakes!

A healthy relationship with food, enjoying life

Lori’s approach has changed our lives: pure and simple.

I began seeing Lori about 6 months ago. My daughter was off to college soon and I wanted to make sure that she would have proper eating habits. I have struggled with my weight all my life. Never being able to lose that extra 30 lbs. I have tried every diet and have spent thousands of dollars in search of the perfect one. I even tried overeaters anonymous. I thought I knew everything there was to know about dieting. Yet my life continued to revolve around food.

My daughter asked me to go into her visits with Lori and so I did. Only when I began to realize that dieting was the WHOLE problem did I begin to lead a balanced life. The constant food thoughts disappeared. As a result my daughter and I have lost weight. We have learned how to have a healthy relationship with food and now spend more time enjoying life. Most importantly my daughter has been spared all those years of insanity!

Yes, cupcakes!

A healthy view of food and weight

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. I could not have lost the weight without you! I’m really amazed at how easy it was with your guidance. For the first time ever, I feel like I’m in control of my eating habits, and I’m happy with my weight and how I look. I’m amazed that I have made such progress and finally have a healthy view of food and weight. I really appreciate all of your help and support.

Yes, cupcakes!

Gaining control

For the first time in at least ten years, I can honestly say that I am in control. Your confidence in me and compassionate ways surpassed any other help I received.