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Male eating disorder

My 16-year-old son has had an eating disorder for approximately a year; it started in August, getting progressively worse. We live in Ireland where resources in this specialty are very limited to non-existent. We have a wonderful GP but he just doesn’t have the expertise to deal with my son’s problem.

We spent 3 ½ weeks in Boston in July, 2009. My niece had researched on line and found Lori. We saw Lori twice a week while here. I can say with absolute certainty that Lori has turned our lives around. I feel she may actually have saved my son’s life. He was on a very slippery slope when we met Lori; the change in him is already dramatic.

I can’t find words to explain my gratitude to her. I am a registered nurse, but I have absolutely no experience in eating disorders. It is imperative that people see specialists when there’s a serious problem- and we had a serious problem. I realize we have a long road ahead, but I feel Lori has given us the tools to deal with whatever comes up in the future. I only wish we had someone of her professional caliber in Ireland; she’s literally a lifesaver. We will never forget her, she’s a professional, she is also a warm and compassionate person. Our sessions with her were very emotional at times; she always provided emotional support and kept us focused.

We will miss you Lori, I’ll keep in touch and let you know how my son is doing. Consider this one of your great success stories. I hope!!