Yes, cupcakes!

Not eating enough? How can that be?

How does one shift a lifetime behavior in a short period of time?  How does one realize that the lifetime behavior needs to change in the first place?  How does one take the plunge and trust in someone that one hardly knows?

After a single meeting with Lori, I knew she ‘gets it’.  She asked questions, listened to my replies, heard what I was saying and not saying and gave me guidance to begin my recovery.  I had described to doctors over the course of a year that I was feeling constant muscle fatigue and weariness in spite of an exercise program, adequate sleep and what I thought to be a healthy low calorie diet.

Lori quickly honed in on the crux of the problem – not enough fuel for my body.  Who would have thought that one could actually ‘diet’ too much.  Restricting calories had been my guide all of my life – I had no idea what the true impact of that could be on my body and my spirit.  Increasing food intake to meet my body’s fuel requirements for existence and exercise was the ticket to feeling alive again.

Learning about nutrition and changing eating patterns does not happen overnight but, I have a great coach and sounding board  to guide me through to a healthy place that is finally balanced.

Melanie M.