Yes, cupcakes!

Moving from the allure of dieting

I chose to seek professional nutritional counseling with Lori Lieberman in an effort to manage my high cholesterol, lose weight, and just feel better. Like most women, I have a history of being a seasoned dieter with plans that included: carb only diet, diet shakes, counting points, and also a high protein low carb diet. Each plan resulted in no long term success.  Lori Lieberman is an excellent Registered Dietitian who is very well educated, has lot of experience and is extremely knowledgeable. She is very easy to talk to as well as a good listener.  Each session with Lori is invaluable. She has taught me to break some old bad habits, introduced me to some new ideas and always answers my questions.  She has offered sensible advice and still encourages me to eat what I enjoy.  Although I am a new patient, I am already starting to feel better, gradually losing weight and gaining a lot more knowledge!

Change without dieting