Shift perspective

We’ll help you shift your perspective about what you can eat to take control of your situation. Do you see foods as good and bad? We’ll help you find the middle ground, while supporting you as you move forward. You’ll start seeing results, not just in numbers or measures of health—weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, kidney function—but in your thoughts and behaviors. Get correct and accurate information from our very experienced Registered Dietitians, and let go of the misinformation. Learn to set realistic goals you can live with.

Separate myth from fact

By now you’ve likely picked up lots of misinformation about how to eat for your health. Confused about carbs and fats for weight management? Struggling with old diet rules, from Weight Watchers to Atkins? We’ll separate the facts from the myths based on reliable research and our extensive experience working with thousands of clients over the years.

We’ll help you focus what needs to change, and what’s fine to stay the same. And we’ll help you understand the why behind what we recommend.

Isn’t it time to view your eating—your food choices and behaviors—through a different lens? Contact us.

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