High Cholesterol

Confused about the meaning of your low HDL, your high LDL or your elevated Triglycerides? Struggling to make sense of the different types of fats? Wondering about watching your cholesterol intake versus your fat intake, your saturated fats versus your omega -3s?

At Lori Lieberman & Associates, we’ll educated you about your cholesterol values, evaluate your current intake, then guide you with specific recommendations to improve your blood levels. Yes, we’ll provide you with details, right down to brand names of products we recommend to improve your numbers. And, we’ll make sure our recommendations support any other medical needs you may have.

In addition to focusing on reducing cholesterol-raising saturated fats, we focus on foods (and supplements) you can add to your diet which have been proven to further improve cholesterol values.

We emphasize long-term healthy changes and realistic goal setting–without suffering and deprivation!

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High Cholesterol

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