Gestational Diabetes

No doubt you are full of questions if you‘ve just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. As Registered Dietitians who are also specialists in diabetes management (CDEs) you’ve come to the right place for help! Here’s what you can expect:

> Your questions about food, blood sugars and risks to the baby will be fully addressed
> Your intake will be assessed, and an individualized meal plan will be created and reviewed, with a focus on your carbohydrate intake
> We will ensure not only good blood sugar control but appropriate weight gain throughout the pregnancy.
> We will instruct you on and provide you with a glucose monitor for you to keep
> We will guarantee to get you in for your initial appointment within a week, and will follow up with you one week later to ensure that all goes as planned and to fine tune the meal plan and address any of your concerns
> We will be in touch with your OB-GYN or CNM to work as a team
> We will be available to follow up after the pregnancy as well to help prevent you from developing Type 2 Diabetes

For More Information

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Gestational Diabetes

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