Come & see us

Struggling to shake up your current routine? Looking for guidance, motivation and support? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re simply contemplating change or eager to break away from the pack, we can help. We’ll start with where you’re at and support you with sensible, achievable recommendations.  We won’t send you out on a hunt for obscure foods or recommend impractical changes. With more than 20 years experience each, our dietitians are skilled at getting you moving.

Scheduling an appointment


Call our main number

Please call our main office at (781) 335-7559, or fill out our contact form. Daytime and evening appointments are available. Our secretaries will be happy to answer your questions and match you up with the nutritionist that best meets your needs. Appointments available in South Weymouth and Sharon, Massachusetts.



Call your insurance company

Be sure to call your insurance plan’s member services line to confirm coverage for nutrition visits. Let them know that the visit is to be in a private practice setting, not in a hospital clinic. If you do not have coverage, consider meeting with us for a consult to set you on the right path. Give us a call for more information.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, Medicare, CIGNA, and many others cover our service. Medicare covers nutrition counseling for renal (kidney) issues and diabetes only.


Take charge of your options

Some medical offices may choose to restrict your access to the best services to meet your nutritional need. If you have insurance coverage but your medical practice restricts your access, you have a choice! You can choose to switch to a doctor who will gladly send you to the best RDs and CDEs available. Call us and we’ll provide you with a list of MDs who refer to us.

Our Registered Dietitians

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